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College of Theology Department is now six. These groups include: the science of the Quran and Hadith, Fiqh and Principles of Islamic Law, Islamic philosophy and theology, comparative religions and mysticism, history, Islamic culture and jurisprudence Shafei. All of these groups in undergraduate, graduate and doctoral students... Read more »







Religion and mysticism

Quranic sciences and hadith

History of civilization of Islamic nations

Shaafei jurisprudence

Jurisprudence and Islamic law

Philosophy and Islamic Kalam

Philosophy of religion



History of science

Mathematics in the Islamic world



Astronomy in the Islamic world



Physics in the Islamic world



Pharmacy in the Islamic world



In the heart of the Islamic Republic of Iran, the faculty with 8 educational departments and over 120 faculty members offers various program and disciplines.

The faculty of theology and Islamic studies is one of the world’s top academic institutions focusing on Islamic and comparative religious studies from Islamic history, mysticism and philosophy to Quranic sciences, Hadith and Shia jurisprudence, as well as work ethics.

Scientific Journals: “Articles and Researches”, in Persian, since 1944, Maqalat@ut.ac.ir

Library: The Faculty’s Library with holdings of over 120,000 books, is one of the richest specialized libraries on Islamic studies in the world. The Faculty also has a Research Center specializing in the History of Science.

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Faculty of Theology and Islamic Studies, Motahhari Ave., Mofatteh Ave., Tehran, Iran.

Phone: +98 (21) 88737739

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Fax: +98 (21) 88737405

P.O. Box: 15766-4411

International Advisor to the Dean: iatheo@ut.ac.ir

The Faculty of Theology and Islamic Studies History

The Faculty of Theology and Islamic Studies was established at the Sepahsalar High College in 1935. The major academic programs at the College were Arabic Literature and Theoretical Studies. In 1943, it moved to Iran’s Academy, offering two academic programs in Traditional and Theoretical studies, however, two new academic programs were soon added to the curriculum. Those two programs were Arabic Literature and Language, and Islamic Academy. A Doctorate program in Traditional and Theoretical Studies was also established. The Faculty of Traditional and Theoretical Studies was changed to the Faculty of Theology and Islamic Studies in 1965.

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