Governance Structure

The faculty governance structure consists of the Dean and five Pro-Vice-Chancellors

The Dean

The Dean is the senior officer of the faculty and holds the office for four years.


There are five Pro-Vice-Chancellors each of whom has specific responsibilities:

  1. Education: The Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Education) manages the dates of term, courses as well as all matters which belongs to students study at FTIS. S/he also manages the matter about distance learning, the office of continuing education, and curricula.
  2. Research: The Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Research) administers the things related to research at FTIS, including the faculty library, journals and computer lab, as well as research projects which is in progress by the faculty members.
  3. Cultural: The Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Cultural) has the responsibility to manage the students' social and cultural activities and helps in students' personal development.
  4. Finance: The Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Finance) draws up and controls the faculty's budget, revenues and expenses.
  5. International: The Pro-Vice-Chancellor (International) has the responsibility to manage the faculty's international affairs and to offer service to the faculty's international students.


Departments and Centers:

There are six departments and in the faculty:

  1. Department of Religious Studies
  2. Department of Islamic History and Muslim Civilization
  3. Department of Qur'an and Hadith Studies
  4. Department of Islamic Law
  5. Department of Shafi'i Law
  6. Department of Islamic Philosophy and Theology


Besides, there are two centers in the faculty:

  1. Center for the History of Science
  2. Center for Philosophy of Religion